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Protection against fall risk is one thing that is being recommended in the workplace. Fall safety seek to protect employees who work at heights. One area where fall safety must be considered is at the loading docks and mezzanine in industrial and commercial settings. Safety measures on loading docks would ensure that workers are safe from injuries and fatalities from fall hazard.

Loading docks can be risky and most reported warehouse injuries happen at the loading docks. The operator could be at a risk, for instance, if the forklift backs off and fall from a dock. Such incidents can cause fatalities and serious injuries. Through the installation of loading dock safety gates, injuries and fatalities can be prevented.

There is a need for effective safety measures at the loading docks. In some loading docks, they will remain closed if there is no truck at the dock. For factories without proper climate control, open door docks provide ventilation. If the dock is a busy one, having open doors will make it easier to notice arriving trucks. This will also eliminate the need to repeatedly open and close door. It is, however, important to put in place safety measures. Fall safety measures are also recommended by OSHA for drop beyond 4 feet.

When there are dock safety gates in place, they enhance the safety of the dock for the loading and unloading trucks. Once the truck leaves the dock, the gates are closed and the dock is safeguarded. These safety gates can also be configured so that they close automatically when the truck drives away. It simplifies the work for employees who might forget to close doors after the truck leaves.

Other than the truck falling from the elevated drop, even workers can sustain injuries if they accidentally walk through the same door. Therefore, loading dock fall protection is very necessary to avoid injuries and fatalities. However, it may not be easy keeping accident to a minimum at the dock. Some efforts would, however, pay off. Therefore, dock safety gates are a good investment. There are certain benefits that come with dock safety gates.

The first benefit is that the risk of fall is minimized on the loading docks. Because of this, employees will not be exposed to fall risk. Since the gates limit access to the dock, there are minimal injuries and fatalities. By installing the dock safety gate, it will be a great way to demonstrate you are compliant to OSHA regulations and guidelines. At the same time, your employees will have peace mind knowing their safety is guaranteed. As a result, employees will even be more productive due to enhanced safety.

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