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For the last ten years, there have been lots of services made to assist sellers in the marketing and sale of properties. As a result, this opened lots of questions whether or not to hire a real estate agent. Without a doubt, the internet significantly expanded the access to listing and provided sellers with ways to sell and market outside the conventional ways.

Usually, commissions will run you at around 6 percent of purchase price of the house and there are many sellers who wonder whether it is worth it to make an investment in a full service agent. Before you make any hasty decisions that 6 percent is somewhat a steep investment, you may as well consider what things realtors can put on the table.

Number 1. Access – whether you’re on selling or buying side, real estate agents can give easy access to listings available. The MLS or Multiple Listing Service is a kind of service used by agents nationwide in listing properties, giving other real estate agents with interested buyers all details regarding the home they might need. Sellers would want their house to be on MLS since it’s the main place that buying agents are looking for to find potential properties for clients.

Number 2. Convenience – hiring a professional and experienced real estate agent to represent your house is more convenient than trying to do the marketing and selling on your own. For those who don’t have any experience in such, the volume of phone calls needed to be handled is just overwhelming. By the time that the house goes live on market, agents and other interested buyers will start calling and trying to schedule viewing, ask questions about the property specifics and so forth.

There are cases to which the prospective buyers do show up and there are instances which they don’t. By having an agent to handle all phone calls and inquiries will give you great convenience particularly if you have an active lifestyle.

Number 3. Negotiation skills – whether it’s a seller’s market or buyer’s market, agents need to have a good negotiation skill. Prospective buyers usually propose less than the asking price of the property. If you are inexperienced, it will be you who is going to submit to their demands but with the assistance of an agent, they’re the one who will guide these clients on coming up with the right figure.

Aside from negotiation of sale price, there’s also negotiating concession on closing costs, adverse inspection findings and a lot more.

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